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Just one of those basic girls that's good at making sharkcoochie boards or whatever 

Sharkcoochie Queen



Whether it's for a formal event or a picnic in the park, the choose-your-own-adventure nature of charcuterie makes it a crowd pleaser for any occasion.

I make completely customizable boards, made to please even the pickiest guests, and make your special occasion a hit!

For orders and inquiries, please fill out the form below, or send me an email 

What We Do

What I Do


Easy, impressive, and affordable do NOT have to be mutually exclusive.


   I will work with you to make a spread that

   wows, both in looks and in taste. Each board is

   custom-made and one of a kind. Let me know

   the flavor palate, visual aesthetic, or specific

   ingredients that you're looking for and I will

   make it happen.

   I also make homemade ingredients such as

   dips and desserts! 

   Inquire below for more info.

Charcuterie Boxes

Looking to impress your next picnic or beach date?

   Take the stress out of snack-planning by getting a

    charcuterie box, perfect for taking with you on-the-go!


   Plus, with our completely customizable boxes you can

   decide how decadent or low-key you want to be. Ask

   for a basic box (lower right) to snack without breaking 

   the bank, or splurge on a premium box made with 

   the best ingredients that Chicago-local vendors have 

   to offer. Both can be made extra romantic: strawberry

   hearts, flowers, chocolates, salami roses- the 

   possibilities are endless.

Completely Customizable

Whether it's dietary restrictions, allergies, or just picky-eaters, I will make you a board sure to please them all.

Because my boards are 100% customizable, we can work together to make sure your board is completely compatible with any restrictions you may have. I've made board that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, themed, and made with hand-picked ingredients.

For example, this board is 100% vegan!

(yes, tots are vegan)

Featuring home-made vegan fudge.

PLUS with every custom board I'll send you a video explaining what everything on your board is!

Themes & Holidays 


Looking for something fresh to add to

your next party or gathering? 

Whether it's crackers in the shape of a "30" or an Easter Bunny made of hummus, I can do it.

Not sure what exactly it is that you're looking for?

Fill out the form below or send me an email letting me know about your event- together we can make something that will wow all of your guests!

Orders & Inquiries

Orders & Inquiries 

Let's make you

the board or box of your dreams


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Why "Sharkcoochie" ?

So, why the name?


Thank you for this, Queen🙏

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